VA Advanced Fellowship in Veteran Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

February 22, 2017 4:15pm

The VA VISN 2 Center of Excellence for Suicide Prevention and the affiliated University of Rochester Center for the Study and Prevention of Suicide (UR-CSPS) are pleased to announce the availability of 2-year postdoctoral fellowship positions for psychologists, physicians, and associated health professionals. The program is supported by the VA Advanced Fellowship Program in Mental Illness Research and Treatment.   Program Goal: To prepare the next generation of leaders and innovators in suicide prevention research, education and clinical care. We offer specialized training focused on suicide prevention strategies, with emphasis on at-risk populations including older Veterans; Veterans with depression, PTSD or other mental health disorders; Veterans with substance use disorders and comorbid conditions; and Veterans facing health challenges such as chronic pain and sleep disorders. We also offer unique clinical and research opportunities in crisis response strategies and other brief interventions to address suicide risk.  

Fellowship Activities:  Participants spend approximately 75% time in research and 25% in related clinical activities, work closely with senior research and education mentors, participate in core didactic offerings of the VA Hub Site and UR-CSPS, obtain advanced clinical training in VA sites matched closely to research interests, prepare at least 1 paper for publication and 1 national presentation each year, complete a suicide prevention education project, and submit at least one grant proposal.

Senior Training Faculty:

Matthew J. Barry, DO

James T. Bridges, PhD

Peter C. Britton, PhD

Eric D. Caine, MD

Yeates Conwell, MD

Kenneth R. Conner, PsyD, MPH

Wendi F. Cross, PhD

Claudiu Dumitrescu, PsyD

Stephanie A. Gamble, PhD

William C. Gibson, PhD

Denise L. Henderson, PhD

Deborah A. King, PhD

Kerry L. Knox, PhD

Jill E. Lavigne, PhD, MPH

Brooke A. Levandowski, PhD, MPA

Wilfred R. Pigeon, PhD

Kimberly A. Van Orden, PhD

Gary Warner, PhD

Fellowship Directors:

Psychologist program: Deborah A. King, PhD

Physician program: Yeates Conwell, MD

Application:  Send letter of interest, CV, graduate transcripts and 3 letters of recommendation to:

Physician Applicants 

Yeates Conwell, MD c/o

Kathleen Vishneski

Department of Veterans Affairs

400 Fort Hill Ave (COE) 

Canandaigua, NY 14424 or

Psychologist/Associated Health Applicants

Deborah King, PhD c/o

Kathleen Vishneski

Department of Veterans Affairs

400 Fort Hill Ave (COE)

Canandaigua, NY 14424 or            

Psychologist/Associated Health Applicants:

Application Date: Preferred deadline January 6, 2017

Start Date: Flexible July 1 – October 1, 2017

Salary and Benefits: Stipend starting at $43,405 for Year 1. Fellows are eligible for health and life insurance benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Requirements: Entry into the program requires U.S. citizenship and completion of a doctoral degree, including dissertation defense, from an APA-accredited clinical or counseling program prior to the start date of the fellowship. Applications from those participating in new VHA psychology internship programs in the process of applying for APA accreditation may be acceptable provided that such programs were sanctioned by the VHA Central Office Program Director for Psychology and VHA Central Office of Academic Affiliations at the time of applicant’s enrollment. 

Accreditation Status:  Non-accredited

For more information:  Visit our website or contact Deborah King, PhD, at 393-7950

Physician Applicants:

Application Date: Rolling

Start Date: Flexible, but preferred July 1, 2017  

Salary and Benefits: Stipend based on previous years of ACGME-accredited residency or fellowship experience. Opportunities to supplement stipend are available. Fellows are eligible for health and life insurance benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Hiring flexibility is available with potential options of part-time appointments.

Requirements: Entry into the program requires that all Physician Applicants complete an Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) residency and be Board eligible in their specialty at the commencement of the Fellowship.  All applicants must document current, unrestricted U.S. medical licensure and the completion of ACGME or American Osteopathic Association (AOA)-accredited specialty and subspecialty residency training.  The Physician Component of the Fellowship permits non-citizens of the U.S. 

Accreditation Status: Non-accredited

For more information: Visit our website or contact Yeates Conwell, MD, at 393-7945