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Tracking Minority Urban Youth into Adulthood

Research Project 4: Tracking Minority Urban Youth into Adulthood: Parenting, Violence, and Resilience

Principal Investigator: Lydia O’Donnell, EdD (Education Development Center)

Project Period: 8/1/2015 through 7/31/2017

Abstract:  This two-year study will examine the long-term correlates of early adolescent risk behaviors and exposures to violence in a sample of men and women who came of age in economically distressed communities and are now in their early thirties during a time of recession and high unemployment. 

The aims of this study are to:

  1. Administer an online survey that focuses on adult statuses and parenting responsibilities,
  2. Examine the interconnections of different forms of violence during the understudied developmental period of young adulthood,
  3. Identify patterns of resilience and violence over time, with particular attention to the influence of parenting involvements on violence victimization and perpetration, and
  4. Assess the feasibility of moving to both multiple follow ups throughout adulthood as well as a multigenerational study that expands the research to include participants’ children.