Suicide Research Training Institutes (RTI)

Objectives: The RTI objectives are to:

  • Provide both violence and injury prevention professionals and suicide researchers with a shared body of knowledge and skills in suicidology, public health and prevention, and relevant research methodologies;
  • Create collaborative links between the injury and violence prevention and suicide research communities so that the perspectives, knowledge, and skills of each inform the work of the other; and
  • Develop implementation plans for new research projects that will add to the knowledge base for suicide prevention.

2016 ICRC-S Research Training Institute

The ICRC-S held its third suicide prevention Research Training Institute (RTI) in Rochester, NY from Monday, April 18th to Friday, 2016 April 22nd, 2016


2014 ICRC-S Research Training Institute

If you participated in the 2014 RTI and subsequent Community of Practice, click here to log-in for those resources.