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CoP Meeting 5: Preparing to Submit an Application for IRB Review

Planning a Collaborative Research Project
Friday , January 15, 2016 1:00 PM

The fifth Community of Practice (CoP) session in the ICRC-S’s 2015-2016 series, Planning a Collaborative Research Project, will provide insights on “Preparing to Submit an Application for IRB Review.”  Bretta Jacquemin, Research Scientist at the Center for Health Statistics and Informatics at the New Jersey Department of Health, will give a brief overview of the federal regulations regarding the protection of human subjects, highlighting the definitions of “research” and “human subject” and explaining how local practices may be more expansive than federal guidelines.  She will also discuss the components of a complete IRB application, the different types of IRB review, and how an application is read by a reviewer.  She will then provide some examples of studies and the logic used in the review of those studies. Dr. Bryann DeBeer, a participant in the ICRC-S’s 2014 Research Training Institute (RTI), will discuss her experiences in submitting research projects for IRB review. In particular, she will outline considerations for gaining IRB approval for RTI projects, including the timeline of project submission, tips for completing the IRB application, anticipation of challenges and strategies for overcoming challenges, and special considerations for suicide prevention research.